Accepted payment methods include cash, check, credit cards. Payment is due at time of each session.

50 Minute sessions are $130 per session. In special circumstances, you may qualify for a reduced rate. 


EMDR sessions that are 60+ minutes are $200 per session. 

All groups are $30 per session.

What If I can't afford your fees?

- Don't let the fee keep you from contacting me! Let's talk about your concerns and see what we can do. Even if we can't, I can still help refer you to someone who may be able to accommodate your financial situation!

Currently, I do not accept insurance. However, if you have out of network benefits (OON) with your insurance company, I can offer a receipt with appropriate details for you to request a reimbursement from your insurance carrier. If you have an HSA/FSA with your insurance provider, you can use that for payment of your sessions! 

Why don't you take other insurances?

-  Previously I accepted many insurance plans and often found that individuals would receive surprise bills in the mail months later despite having completed all necessary paperwork. Due to this concern, I charge out of pocket to avoid any unplanned financial burden on my clients. I also believe in the value of individualized treatment. By not taking many insurances, I am able to meet your needs more directly (not the expectations of your insurance company), spend more time focused on your treatment, and protect your confidentiality.