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Rates & Payment

Color Stain


Individual Therapy

Candice Bieganski (ages 19+)

- $140 per 50 minute session

- $280 per 1.5 to 2hr session

Caitlin Kelly (ages 12-25)

- $115 per 50 minute session

*In person and telehealth options!


EMDR (non-intensive)

$140 per 50 minute Session

$280 per 90min to 2hr session


Only provided by Candice Bieganski for adults 19yrs and older!

*For rates regarding EMDR Intensives,

*In person and telehealth options!

Accepted Forms of Payment

Payment is due at time of session. We accept cash, check, credit, debit. 

What if I can't afford your fees?

Don't let the fee keep you from contacting us! Let's talk about your concerns and see what we can do. Sliding scale spots are limited! If we can't work something out, we can still help refer you to someone who may be able to accommodate your financial situation! (Sliding scale is not available for EMDR intensives.)


As of 1/1/2023, Candice Bieganski is no longer in network with ANY insurance providers. However, if you would like to utilize out of network benefits (OON), we can offer a receipt with appropriate details for you to request a reimbursement from your insurance carrier. If you have an HSA/FSA with your insurance provider, you can use that for payment of your sessions!

Why don't you take insurances? Previously we accepted many insurance plans and often found that individuals would receive surprise bills in the mail months later despite having completed all necessary paperwork. Due to this concern, we primarily charge out of pocket to avoid any unplanned financial burden on my clients. We also believe in the value of individualized treatment. By not taking many insurances, we are able to meet your needs more directly (not the expectations of your insurance company), spend more time focused on your treatment, and protect your confidentiality.

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