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Why Should I consider EMDR Intensives?


Weekly therapy just doesn't fit your schedule. The idea of having to go so frequently has been a barrier to seeking out a therapist.


You don't want to spend months in treatment before you get to "the big stuff". You need support now and change needs to happen quick. 


Maybe you're already seeing a therapist regularly but feel the specialized attention on a trigger area would enhance your current practices. 


You may have already tried trauma therapy before but didn't get much relief. Your body still seems to react in ways that are confusing at times.


The COVID experience has caused massive disruptions and you feel that you haven't been the same since. You want to explore why but also feel relief quickly. 


Maybe you're just a person who prefers depth and intensity in your treatment. The surface checks in don't get you to where you want to be. 

If any of these reasons seem to fit, I would encourage you to keep reading and learn more!

EMDR Intensive

EMDR intensives are extended processing (phase 4-7) sessions that provide clients the opportunity of shortening the timeline of treatment and obtaining rapid change!

Intensive sessions are a great option for individuals looking for immediate support, ways to fit treatment into a busy schedule, or those looking to "deep dive" into their recovery process.  

EMDR is not just utilized for trauma processing. Your intensive sessions will be individually tailored to your goals for therapy and can be used for relationship tendencies, addiction, social anxiety, and other triggering issues.

*Only provided by Candice Bieganski

What is included in an EMDR intensive?

All EMDR Intensive options Include: 

- Customized Treatment Program: Each intensive session is customized to your needs. No two sessions are alike! 

- Individualized Treatment Plan Workbook: (electronic version in your practice account). Worksheets, handouts, and information personally tailored for you to utilize outside of your sessions. 

- 30 Minute Follow Up Post Intensive: Scheduled within one week after your intensive session. Opportunity to check in and explore results. (Option of phone/video/in person)

Two Options are Available:

- Half Day Session: (3 clinical hours; option for 30 minute break) $550 per session 

  • 15/30 minutes for target/treatment plan set up

  • 2 hours of therapy/processing

  • 15/30 minute post session wrap up. 

- Full Day Session: (6 clinical hours; 1 hour break) $1,200 per session 

  • 15/30 minutes for target/treatment plan set up

  • 5 hours of therapy/processing (can usually target multiple experiences in one session or one complex experience)

  • 15/30 minute post session wrap up. 

Additional Information

  • All individuals interested in intensive sessions must complete a 60 minute evaluation prior to moving forward. These are an opportunity for us to meet, make sure EMDR is a good fit, and explore any questions you may have prior to starting. (Standard session rate of $140 will apply). 

  • After completion of assessment, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your intensive session. The remaining 50% will be charged to a card on file the morning of your session. 

  • 48 Hour cancelation notice is required for assessment or intensive. You will be responsible for the full fee of session if there is a no-show or late cancelation.

  • All individuals are required to schedule a 30 or 60 minute check in session in the week following your intensive session. This is only required after your first intensive and will become optional if you choose to schedule any further sessions. (this fee is included in your package rate)

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