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*** Currently we only work with individuals 19+ and out of high school.

- Addictive behaviors

- Trauma (physical/sexual/emotional/domestic violence/etc)

- Anxiety/Panic Attacks

- Codependency

- Stress Management

- Dual Diagnosis

- Depression

- Coping Skills

- Self Esteem

Individual session are 50- 60 minute sessions. These sessions are designed to help you work towards your personal goals. They can be provided on a flexible basis to accommodate your schedule!  


Areas of session goals can include but are not limited to:

In person and telehealth options

Fee: $140 per session

* Only offered by Candice Bieganski

Eye Movement Desensitization Repressing (EMDR) is a specific form of treatment provided by Candice during your session. For detailed information about EMDR and what EMDR sessions look like, click on the EMDR tab above! Despite EMDR being used most frequently in trauma recovery, EMDR treatment can be used for a wide variety of concerns. Some examples are listed below:

- Trauma (physical/sexual/emotional/domestic violence/etc)

- Addictive behaviors

- Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Phobias

- Grief & Loss

- Feeling stuck

- Sleep Issues

- Recovering after infidelity

- Depression

- Self Esteem/Self Worth

Average EMDR sessions are 60 - 90 minutes and can be scheduled throughout the course of your treatment. 


60 min $140 

1.5 to 2 hours $280

Interested in EMDR Intensive Sessions?


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